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Protect Yourself: How to Avoid Tax Scams This Season


Tax season is not just a time for filing returns; it's also peak season for savvy criminals looking to exploit unsuspecting taxpayers. Scammers often impersonate the IRS through various channels, including over the phone, via email, or physical mail; all with the aim of stealing money and sensitive personal information. To safeguard yourself against these threats, it's crucial for all taxpayers to remain vigilant and well-informed. Here's a guide on how to protect yourself from tax scams.

Understanding Tax Audits: What to Expect


Receiving a notice from the IRS about a tax audit can be anxiety-inducing, but it's crucial to stay calm and approach the process with preparation and understanding. Contrary to popular belief, an audit does not necessarily indicate suspicion of criminal activity. It's often a routine examination to ensure the accuracy of financial data on tax returns. 

Here's a rundown on how to prepare for and navigate through a tax audit, from understanding the types of audits, your rights during the process, to the conclusion of the audit.

Pink Tax: A Financial Burden on Women


The pink tax isn't a federal tax that affects your income tax refund, but it's a form of unequal pricing that impacts millions of women's personal finances.

How Long Should You Keep Tax Returns and Records?


 How long should I retain my past tax returns and records?

The answer is not entirely black and white; it varies based on the type of document and your specific transactions.

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