Tax Season’s End: Pending Legislation and Court Decisions


As we near the end of another tax season, accountants and taxpayers alike are facing a landscape filled with uncertainties. While April 15th, the traditional tax filing deadline, is just around the corner, there are significant matters that remain in limbo due to pending legislation and court decisions. These are topics we have previously delved into in our blogs, and here's an update on where they stand today.

Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024

At the start of the filing season, the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act of 2024 was marked as "pending" and remains so. This legislation, which successfully passed in the House, carries promising changes for taxpayers. Included are revisions to the Child Tax Credit, a vital lifeline for many families, and a revival of three lapsed business provisions: bonus depreciation, research and experimental expenditures, and the business interest deduction limitation. Nonetheless, despite its positive reception, the future of the Tax Relief for American Families and Workers Act remains uncertain as it awaits action in the Senate. It is anticipated by many experts to remain in a "pending" status until after the November elections, with hopes for eventual passage, potentially in a modified version.

Corporate Transparency Act

Meanwhile, recent court decisions have brought the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) to the forefront, especially for accountants working with small businesses that are subject to beneficial ownership information reporting requirements. Although not a direct tax issue, the CTA's implications are significant.
Accountants are now caught in a dilemma. Interpreting definitions under the act, particularly regarding beneficial ownership, can inadvertently lead to legal complications. Depending on the jurisdiction, they risk being accused of practicing law without a license. This is a stark contrast to their longstanding role in deciphering the complexities of the Internal Revenue Code without legal credentials. Adding to the uncertainty is the variability in professional liability insurance coverage. Whether accountants are protected against potential legal challenges varies by jurisdiction. This adds another layer of caution for professionals navigating these murky waters.

Potential Retroactive Changes and the Election Year Factor

As we approach the end of tax season, there's also the looming specter of retroactive changes from Congress. In this election year, the possibility of lawmakers instructing the IRS to implement retroactive alterations remains on the table. This could mean returns may need amended to avail themselves of new benefits.

According to Tom O'Saben, director of tax content & government relations at the National Association of Tax Professionals, these potential changes could have significant implications for taxpayers and practitioners alike. The uncertainty surrounding pending legislation, coupled with the intricacies of the Corporate Transparency Act, makes this tax season unique in its challenges.

In conclusion, while the end of tax season may be in sight, the road ahead is not necessarily clear. Accountants and taxpayers are bracing for potential changes, both legislatively and judicially. Keeping a close eye on developments is crucial, as the implications of these matters could have lasting effects on future tax filings and business operations. 



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