Promote Your Business or Event with UpUp Video

UpUp Video is a local company providing premier aerial video and photography services to promote your business or event.  

Whether you are exploring close-quarters interior spaces or flying four-hundred feet in the air, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) offer a nearly endless range of possibilities. With their compact aircraft and cutting-edge camera-stabilization systems, they can get shots that rival, and surpass even the most advanced traditional camera rigs. Their end to end service ensures that your newly shot 4k footage gets color corrected, color graded, and edited into formats optimized for HD TV and Digital Streaming. As an added bonus, your files are backed up via cloud-based storage and are available to you 24/7 accessible from our Intranet.

Check out their video below, and visit their website at  


  • Address:DJL Accounting & Consulting Group, Inc.
    Cider Mill Professional Center, Building C-102
    1570 S Canfield Niles Road
    Youngstown, Ohio 44515 
  • Phone:330 779 0781